Monday, August 8, 2011

Shirt complete, only a crapload o' stuff to go

So I warned you - ren faire stuff may leak into my baby wrap timeline.  True to form, here is some ren faire update stuff. :-)  At the end I promise to give a quick update to baby things... its like the news at 11:00.  all you want to hear is in the last five mins.  Lucky for you, scroll bars were invented!

So, I am making an italian nobleman's costume for my husband for ren faire.  We are going with a group (hopefully - very few people RSVPed...) and as usual, I am the one making costumes at the last second.  Oh what WOULD I do without procrastination?  I promised my husband a new costume last year since I made myself a court dress (read: fancy) and his musketeer costume, although cute when there were 3 of them, is not only from a totally different CENTURY, but is also no longer coordinating with mine.  At all... So, I told him I would make him a court costume.  Well that wasn't a big deal until I wound up preggers and now cannot wear my court dress.  Copious amounts of boning and pregnancy do not mix.  Now I have to make myself a court dress that will accommodate my big belly as well as make him a fancy over the top outfit.  They take SO much longer than peasant garb, what with all the pieces, trims, frilly details and whatnots.  Oh, did I mention I promised my nephew a pirate costume?  Or my friend chuck a vagabond/ruffian type outfit LAST year that I did not deliver on?  Oops...

So, here we are, 2 weeks out and I have (drum roll please) - One shirt complete.

Uh oh.

Lucky for me I have most of the notions and fabrics and such that I need.  So now, just all the hard work lol.  I have washed more loads of laundry than imaginable to prep the fabric for cutting.  (random tip: always wash/dry your fabric the way you will wash/dry the finished garment so you don't end up with weird shrinkage.  Most fabrics shrink more along one axis than the other which makes for a lovely distorted item if you skip this step)  I wanted to hang dry most of it - try finding a place to hang dry 8 yards of fabric.  yikes!

Anyway, I have the doublet main fabric and interfacing cut as of last night, but have yet to cut the lining.  My sewing fingers are itching to get started, but I must have all the pieces cut first - new personal rule.  It keeps me from cutting corners later in my eagerness to finish something.
So, now to go finish cutting the lining, then to piece the darn thing together.  I also broke a cardinal rule for this (one I frequently break) - I made no muslin (test garment) and then I cut into really expensive fabric.  Fingers crossed everyone!

So all I have left is:
A hat for DH
New pants for DH if I have time
Shirt for nephew
Pants for nephew
vest or coat for nephew
Shirt for chuck (my friend)
Vest for chuck
Sash for chuck (easy yay!)
Pants for chuck
Dress for me? (time permitting)

That is so daunting... I need a nap....

Coming soon: finished Doublet?

Ack!  I almost forgot!  My promised update on baby wrap stuff! I purchased fabric at walmart the other day - I usually don't because the coupons from Joann's and Hancock are so awesome, but I was already there and I wanted to play around with some things.  Go instant gratification.  I did end up getting some quilters cotton - two prints for each style so it can be reversible.  I liked the geometric stuff but then I found jungle themed stuff which is our theme so I had to buy it and its coordinate, too (I also plan to do some nursery stuff with it so I got extra :-)).
I also got some woven gauze (left) for the airy one and a single stretch knit (very very mild stretch - right) for a stretchier version.  Since they seem easy to make, I may try to whip one up this week still.  We shall see.

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