Thursday, August 4, 2011


As you may or may not know, DIYers are known for lack of follow-thru.  Maybe its just me, but with a cute little acronym like UFO (Unfinished Objects) floating around out there in cyberspace, I am thinking its an epidemic.  Heck, maybe even a pandemic.  At any rate, I have a lot of projects going right now.  I had planned a wedding that I started a bunch of stuff for that I am currently putting on hold because of Ren Faire and Shrimpy (my loving nickname for the uterine parasite I am currently nurturing.  My first glimpse was a sketch on babycenter that totally looked like a shrimp...)  However, I will get back to them.  I just wish I had begun this blog sooner to catch the whole process of the wedding planning that never came to be - it would probably have helped some crazy bride out there.  I know it would have helped me.

But I digress.  As usual....

So CURRENTLY I am questing for some fabric to make a baby carrier from a la Moby wraps.  When I found out they STARTED at $40 and went up from there and were literally nothing more than 5.5 ft long pieces of fabric, I got a little crazy in the head.  Wow just as I wrote that I got even more mad - its not even in yards... its feet.  Do you realize how little that amount of fabric costs?!?!  Anyway, I pledged to make a few for some friends and eventually for Shrimpface as well.  But oh the fabric choices!

Some good options I have come across with pros and cons:
Quilting fabric:
Pros: adorable, cheap, easy to find, durable/washable
Cons: no give, can be scratchy, I have a deep and abiding hatred of all things quilting and if I go into a fabric store I don't want people to think I am a quilter.
Pros: a little give makes wrapping and insertion of offspring easier, cute prints
Cons: may slip due to that give, a PAIN to sew with, fairly pricey
Gauze/woven fabrics:
Pros: very breathable and cool, easy to scrunch/stretch while wrapping
Cons: solids only, does not stretch, expensive, may wear out quickly due to thin fabric

So, I am thinking (especially since my yards versus feet revelation) I will make several, use my friends as guinea pigs, and then take what I learned and apply it to my own creations!

In the mean time, I may make some posts about ren faire costumes since that is slightly more urgent (aug 20) than my due date (dec 26).  But I do have the attention span of a goldfish, so interspersing of topics may occur.

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