Monday, August 22, 2011

No time to Blog...

Edited 8/23: Added 2 photos hooray!

So ren faire was this weekend.  Whoa.  I was sooo busy I didn't even have time to write about how busy I was. But everything (almost) got done.  I decided not to make a vest for my nephew as he is sensitive to heat and probably wouldn't want to wear it anyway.  I also forgot to make him a sash and when I remembered it was too late; I didn't have the right color fabric anyway.  I didn't make hubby a new pair of pants as his old ones worked fine still.  I also didn't get around to making myself anything to wear.  Oh well.  But everything else turned out fabulously.  All in all, I made 3 shirts from 3 different patterns, a vest of my own design, a pair of shorts of my own design, a very difficult pair of breeches, and my hubby's infamous doublet.  I was up till 12:30 on Friday night/Saturday morning sewing on buttons and up at 6:30 Saturday to make the buttonholes via the sewing machine and to pound a few last minute eyelets and thread some ribbons through casings, but all in all, it wasn't as last minute as I have been in the past!  I wasn't hemming all the way to the state line! :-)  I consider that a major victory.

As for photos.  Well.... I kind of forgot my camera.  I only have 1 costume here, and that is hubby's.  I do have a friend who has photos of his outfit, but nothing of my nephew's.  So I will post them when I get them.  Sigh.  All that work and no proof!  Seems like that is always how it works out.

Hubby is on the far left (looking rumpled at the end of the day) and Warrior man is middle right.  Didn't make the other 2.
Better shot of warrior man... playing up the camera as always!

Tonight I am trying my hand at homemade pasta.  I have long made fettuccine alfredo SAUCE from scratch (insanely fast and easy, btw) but I haven't tried the pasta part till now - weddings get you all kinds of kitchen gizmos you want but can't bring yourself to buy for your own kitchen.  Hopefully I will not develop carpal tunnel from kneading dough.  I hear it is a bear. :-)

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