Friday, May 4, 2012

Easter photos... Finally!!

So I had to wait on my father in law to get these photos so I swear it's not my fault they are a month tardy... I swear. I mean, I've only had them for a week and didn't post. He had them like three! :). So anyway, lesson learned: don't forget your own camera on major crafting holidays :)

I did actually finish most of my Easter crafting stuff. I didn't have little man with me while sewing so the tie and pants were too small (I may make the tie a clip on as it is plenty long for that and I don't relish the idea of strangling my baby anyway...), I didn't have time to make an Easter hat for him, and I selfishly made one for myself (a hat) that I didn't have the energy to decorate. But it was still fun and I think a great success. I learned a lot and drafted some new patterns I will share over time.

I did some pretty major alterations to the men's dress shirt onesie since the first thing I did was screw up, and I created 2 patterns I will share, but for now just the visuals will do.

Btw, the ONLY photo of my Easter bonnet was awful so I'll have to take one later to share...

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