Thursday, April 5, 2012

My Easter outfit for Little Man

I like holidays.  I especially like Halloween because I get to dress up as something else.  However, normal holidays are nice because I still get to dress up!  Unfortunately for me, the world thinks that little boys should run around in onesies with a tie silkscreened onto the front of it while little girls run around in fluffy little dresses. I humbly disagree, so I went a-questing for some nice baby boy clothes.  I found precisely zip.  Sure there were a few outfits on Amazon that would have done the trick, but it looked more like resort wear for a baby on a golf vacation with his parents than a truly formal outfit for Easter.  Now I am not a fashion Nazi and I will not make my son wear a suitcoat, but I will have him wear a dress shirt with an actual pointed collar, a vest, some dressy slacks, and possibly a tie.  Shoes and an Easter hat will be gravy.  And of course, since I cannot locate them anywhere in the known world, I went a-questing on the interwebs for passable patterns.  This is what I found:

(Note: I do plan to make all these, but I want to share the wealth of knowledge BEFORE easter, and the way it is looking I will be finishing this stuff up at 5:59AM for 6 o'clock sunrise service... I will post pictures of my journey or at least the outcomes after easter in another post.

Tutorial on how to make a baby dress onesie out of an old dress shirt:

How to make a matching bow tie (I am going to try for a straight tie so as not to look like a physics professor, but this is still cute):

Make a vest and hat from an old skirt (not using this tute for the vest, but may for the hat):

More like the hat I want, but don't have time to go to the store for the pattern (from McCall's):


And to top it off, booties.  I mean, no shoes, no shirt, no 6 AM service, right? Obviously, I will leave off the frilly bits...


So there you have it.  My piecemeal Easter outfit.  God help me to finish it all in time.  I have the shirt cut out... That's a good start for being Thursday night, right?  RIGHT???  I guess I'd better stop procrastinating by blogging about what I plan to do and actually go do it...

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